With our fast-paced economy and high-tech lifestyle, it’s not surprising that this is leaking into the way we do business. Leads are making faster decisions and using more mobile options as the source of all their information for your business. Companies want answers without having to read through pages, or even paragraphs, of text. Your website can either be your greatest asset or your worst enemy when it comes to your B2B marketing strategy, and we want to make sure you achieve your web design goals.

Think of your website as another tool on your belt in your multi-faceted marketing plan. It highlights your products and their features while also showing how you want your brand represented. Keeping up with the latest in web design trends not only shows that your company is tech-savvy and updated, but it also shows you’re willing to change and adapt for your customers’ needs and/or wants. Your viewers have high expectations, and when you only have 10 seconds to capture their attention, you have to make those 10 seconds count. Integrating interactive content or using proper video-based components can bring your website to life. Now, here are 3 easy ways to achieve the dynamic-effect your leads are looking for without cluttering your design.

Background videos

Adding a video to the background of text or other website content is an easy way to add dimension and movement to your website. Videos offer something interesting for your viewers to look at and it helps tell your story. Whether or not you choose to add audio is up to you, but letting people see first-hand the way you envision your brand gets them closer to your products and more interested in what you have to offer. Keeping your audience engaged and on your page will ensure they’re hearing your message, without any additional effort from your other marketing strategies.

Active chat features

We understand this isn’t for everyone, but in many cases having a feature where customers can freely ask questions through an all online chat with one of your company experts is just the kind of specialized and immediate attention they are looking for. Chats combine interactivity with the instant results they desire. A phone call can be too time consuming or feel full of obligation when your viewers only need to know 1 or 2 things. A good alternative to a phone call is an email or question submission form, but even a response from one of these can take too long for your potential clients. With instantaneous results, customers no longer need to wait or wonder if their message got to you; they see your responses right in front of them mere minutes after they sent their inquiry. This builds a solid rapport with potential clients. If they know you’re there for them even before their investment in your company, they know you’ll have your attention afterwards, too.

Pop-up CTA’s

This may seem daunting or scary, but when done properly, a pop-up call-to-action can add to your lead generation without having to direct your customers to another page. Be sure to make it voluntary, though.  Unsolicited pop-ups can incur an SEO penalty that could affect your search engine rankings. However, If they can click on an image or text button that will pop-up a simple form, they get to input the information you are looking for without them leaving the content they want to see. Navigating a new website can be tricky and allowing users to organically find your contact forms without having to go the extra step of finding your form page means they’ll be that much more likely to fill it out. Pop-up CTA’s can be tricky, but if they’re properly integrated and don’t interfere with your overall message, they can render effective results.

Squid Ink offers motion and video support along with graphic and overall website design assistance. Get advice or have us create your website and make sure all these elements flow without detracting from your brand. Whether you’re looking for video additions, or more complex elements like pop-ups or live chats, we’ve got you covered. The fact of the matter is, your website needs movement and dimension because that’s what your leads expect. Come chat with us to become the dynamic and interactive brand your leads are looking for.