Range 54, a Wichita shooting range, was selected to be one of 100 ranges in the country and the only range in Wichita to reveal a new Glock model on August 26, 2017. That honor reflects the premium level of service that Range 54 offers their customers, and vendors recognize this. There was little time, however, to bask in that honor. The reveal date for the chosen ranges was less than 2 weeks from the time notification of the exclusive selection. This event could have been promoted with social media posts that included images, event times and contest details.


But, Range 54, the premier shooting range in Wichita, wanted to do more. They knew that video marketing is becoming the most effective means of capturing attention and making a large impact, especially on social media. Organic response was important because most digital ad networks would not allow ads of any kind due to the firearm nature of this promotion. That meant a video that drew attention, and that required professional production but without the long schedule that often accompanies highly-produced videos. Fortunately, Range 54 worked with a comprehensive marketing agency. With the help of Squid Ink Creative in Wichita, they were able to have a promotional video planned, shot, edited and published by the end of the next business day. This even included acquiring talent and vehicles such as a Ferrari and a private jet! Advertisers and agencies alike have to be swift to conceive ideas and even quicker to act. In Range 54’s case, the reveal date was fast approaching, and other ranges were sure to produce their own campaigns. Therefore, time was of the essence.


The final cut was greeted with widespread acclaim, including from the company responsible for the product reveal that works with the manufacturer. For the video to be successful at spreading the word, it had to be shared by people, so a key metric for this campaign was the organic reach of the video compared to their audience size. If they could reach a goal metric of 50% more people than their audience size, that would mean that the video was being shared and spreading organically. Less than 24 hours after the video was published, the organic reach of the video was already more than 100% higher than their audience size.

When the results were tallied, there was a 62% increase in organic search engine traffic and a 214% increase in the number of visits to Range 54’s website. The engagement (likes, comments, shares) on social media alone during this campaign was 400% higher than the closest competitor, despite the fact that the social media audience of Range 54 maintains a smaller social media audience compared to other shooting ranges in town. This speaks to the effective use of social media for this campaign, which as mentioned before, was so important because digital tactics like paid video were not available to Range 54, so everything had to be done organically.

This project was able to completed so quickly and successfully because the team never lost focus of the fact that the primary objective was to drive awareness of the event, not to highlight the fact that Range 54 was the only range in Wichita to be selected for this. This is important for others to note, because being chosen as an exclusive point of sale for an anticipated product launch is a major advantage, and there are multiple ways to make use of that advantage. But the focus on the objective kept that temptation from overly complicating the final product. This allowed for a simpler shoot that involved fewer shots in fewer locations, which cut down on editing time. A well-established professional network allowed the team to gather all of the necessary pieces in a short timeframe.

Some helpful insights that have come from this project are:

  • Stay focused on your objective
  • Keep it simple
  • Use your network

A good relationship with a digital agency allows for a combination of rapid response and sound strategy. Social networking prior to the moment of need will make it more likely that you can gather the proper pieces you need on short notice, like a sports car or a private jet. Social media management is a service that a digital marketing agency can offer. The planning and production of a video is a specialized service that few agencies can offer themselves, so it is important to find one that can offer that service on short notice. If your agency has to outsource video production or has a complicated production process, it could mean wasted time and opportunity. Finally, an agency has to involve your company in the process, because you are the subject matter expert. If they don’t involve you, then they better be an expert in what your business does, and few agencies are that specialized. If they’re not, you could be paying for something that is off-message or deviates from your objective and takes away any advantage you have. Find an agency that is quick to act, has a good reputation in the community, involves you in the process, and stays focused on your objectives.