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A Conversation on Lead Conversion: Defining a Conversion

Defining your conversion point and tracking your conversion rates is the best way to ensure any of your marketing efforts are producing the kind of results you hoped for. That’s why we wanted to start a series on lead conversions as far as defining them for your business, ways to effectively track them, and optimizing […]

Questions You Should Ask A Digital Marketing Agency

As you may recall, we designed and dedicated a blog all about what a digital marketing should be asking in order to provide you the best service possible. Now, we have a blog entirely dedicated to you and what questions you should be asking of your digital marketing agency. With certifications and technology that can […]

Questions That An Agency Should Be Asking You

Working with an agency, whether it’s your 1st time or 51st time, can be distressing. Mutual understanding and transparency are key to a successful working relationship, but how do you know you’re all on the same page and nothing is being looked over? That’s why we decided to do a quick 2-part series with guidelines […]

The ABC’s of Web Development

Web development can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, whether creating a new page or revamping an old one. Design trends constantly change and keeping up with them can consume hours of employee time. With a skilled marketing team and a few key concepts to keep in mind, your website can be shiny and […]

Insight On How To Effectively Appeal In Your Web Design

With our fast-paced economy and high-tech lifestyle, it’s not surprising that this is leaking into the way we do business. Leads are making faster decisions and using more mobile options as the source of all their information for your business. Companies want answers without having to read through pages, or even paragraphs, of text. Your […]

Squid Ink Creative now a Google Partner!

Squid Ink is proud to announce that we’ve earned the status of Google Partner. Achieving Partner status means that, as an agency, we have demonstrated AdWords skill and expertise, met Google ad spend requirements, delivered agency and client revenue growth, and sustained and grown our client base. With the Partner status comes access to a […]