Web development can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task, whether creating a new page or revamping an old one. Design trends constantly change and keeping up with them can consume hours of employee time. With a skilled marketing team and a few key concepts to keep in mind, your website can be shiny and polished, all while having the functionality your customers and leads desire. It’s important to have your website feature audience-based content, be direct in the layout and design, and collect and track data like keywords to achieve the highest quality webpage for the lowest amount of headache for both you and your customers. Read on to learn more about these three concepts and how Squid Ink can provide you the best web development and web management solutions.

Audience-based content

Many businesses make the web development mistake of creating their website for themselves, when, in all reality, you are creating a business page for your customers. You are using the website not just to promote your brand, but to help your leads understand your values, your products, and that you are the kind of company with whom they should do business. Relating your products to their needs and explaining how you solve their problems or fill their needs creates a relationship of trust and understanding.

This level of trust is created with a website that features a pointed and direct tagline and an easily navigable user interface. It’s generally advised to put a quick tagline at the top of your page. Something that relays your purpose and values, while still being short, sweet, and direct. With the fast paced environment we all live in, we understand that our leads don’t have time to continually sift through information just to see if you have what they’re looking for. Something that draws them in and keeps them on the page is most important. This pointed style of marketing may get your page overall less views or shorter frequencies from those who do view them, but that works in your favor. The faster someone can see what you offer, the quicker they can decide whether or not you fulfill their needs. If you’re getting less views, but overall more lead conversions, then you are following exactly what Account Based Marketing strategies are all about. This pointed content should be in obvious places on the page and an easy hop from one topic to the next quickly and efficiently.       

Be easy on the eyes and the user

Have you ever experienced going to a new grocery store and not being able to find bread because the aisles and shelves weren’t arranged the way you anticipated? Do you remember how frustrating that was? Web development is no different. That’s what it’s like for your leads and potential clients every time they find themselves on your website for the first time if you don’t follow an intuitive layout. Although having a flashy, exciting, and aesthetically pleasing website is desirable, you also need to remember that a easy-to-follow layout is most important (and yes, you can do both). Make searching and maneuvering through your web-page simple. Help guide users through the pages of content and seamlessly navigate them to highlights and articles from your business. A great way to make content easily accessible is to link different pages in multiple places (see our homepage, for example). Not only should you have tabs at the top of your homepage, but keep specific products or offerings at the forefront and have them be the focus of your homepage. You know what your targets are looking for, so why not easily point out specific links to highlight what you do best? Identifiable and linkable content guides your leads and allows them to see what they want and need. Not only does this help your customers, it also helps you see who’s staying on your site and track where they’re going.

Collect and track data

Website engagement and keyword tracking can be a huge insight into who is looking for your products. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of many ways you can reach those looking for what you have to offer. Web development does not stop when the site launches. Monitoring search engine results are important, and Squid Ink goes beyond just Google AdWords or Analytics to do it. As a Google Partner Agency, Squid Ink maintains certain qualifications and performance benchmarks required by Google that serve as proof of our commitment to continuous improvement and stellar performance for our clients. When you choose Squid Ink, you choose assurance that your website is being properly designed, cared for, and managed. Squid Ink offers your company the knowledge and skill-set of proper SEO and tracking techniques with personalized attention to detail that will make your website as unique and distinct as your company.

How we can help

Your website can be the greatest tool in your arsenal for lead generation. But remember, a flashy design isn’t always the only thing to focus on when considering the best web development strategy for your organization. Understanding your client’s needs and creating an easily navigable space for them to explore your company will take you farther than any graphics ever could. Thankfully, with Squid Ink, you can achieve both without breaking the bank or devoting all your resources to take on the task. Our excited and dynamic team is ready to help your web development reach new levels and new clients. We provide all the in-house resources needed to build and maintain a successful online business persona. Come see how we design and optimize your website by scheduling your free meeting today!